4 Ways To Grow Your Affiliate Marketing Business With Visto

Whether you’re running an affiliate marketing business, an eCommerce store, or a SaaS, Facebook ads are vital for your success. 

But why waste thousands of dollars in experimenting with different Facebook ad optimization techniques when you can use Visto to find the best performing ads in your niche?

And that’s not all.

Visto’s market intelligence features empower you to study the Facebook marketing strategy of your most successful competitors and come up with offers that are already popular with your target audience.

In this article, I’ll share four easy ways (with video tutorials) you can use Visto to grow your online business and leave your competitors way behind.

1. Find High Performing ClickBank Products

ClickBank is among the top affiliate marketing platforms for digital products. 

But it has its share of crappy products as well. 

One of the biggest challenges with using ClickBank for affiliate marketing is to find products with proven results.

As an affiliate marketer, you must be sure that the products you’re promoting are genuinely useful and will provide real value to your audience.

This is where Visto comes in.

Using Visto’s advanced search features, you can highly profitable ClickBank products that the best affiliates in your niche are promoting via Facebook ads.

Instead of relying solely on the Gravity score of a product on ClickBank, choose products that are driving real engagement via Facebook ads, and are being promoted by the top affiliates in your niche.

The process is incredibly simple.

But instead of explaining it here, I recommend you watch the video below which shows you the step by step process of discovering profitable ClickBank products using Visto.

2. Optimize Your Facebook Ad Campaigns

Facebook advertising is among the most effective ways to drive traffic to your site and generate leads for your business.

However, unless you’re an experienced Facebook marketer, you’ll need to do a lot of experimentation to come up with an optimized Facebook ad structure.

If you run ads that are not optimized properly, you’ll end up paying a lot more money per click for your ads. Plus, you won’t be able to attract the right audiences to your site.

As a result, you’ll end up wasting a lot of money.

Visto completely nullifies this risk by giving you access to a huge library of proven Facebook ads that are already driving engagement and traffic.

No more guesswork.

Just search for the best performing ads in your target niche and region, study their structure, and replicate what’s already working for them.

From ad copy and description to the featured image and headline, you can see exactly how your most successful competitors are cashing in on Facebook ads. Plus, you can uncover their exact audience targeting criteria.

Many of the top-performing ad campaigns are run by professional agencies that invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in split testing different ads.

With Visto, you can grow at your competitors’ expense completely free.

The video below gives you step by step guidelines on how to find the best performing Facebook ads.

3. Perform Competitive Analysis

You can’t beat your competitors unless you know what they’re doing.

There are tons of different ways to perform competitive analysis and there’s no single strategy that can tell you everything about competitors.

You can use Visto specifically for analyzing the brand messaging for your top competitors, the products they’re promoting, their sales pitch, their ad structure, and the landing pages they’re using to convert traffic into leads.

The landing page part is particularly important because it helps you understand your competitors’ sales funnel.

For instance, if you’re an affiliate marketer, you can find out exactly how your competitors promote high-ticket offers.

Do they directly promote high-ticket offers on their website or landing pages?

Do they convert traffic into leads using free lead magnets or low priced tripwire offers?

Do they have any upsell and downsell offers in their sales funnel?

What do they do with the leads that don’t buy from them?

How do they keep following up and make money from them?

You can get answers to all of those questions (and many others) by identifying the Facebook ads and landing pages of your top competitors.

4. Find Lucrative eCommerce Niches

eCommerce is booming all around the globe and some of the world’s biggest brands have shifted their primary focus from physical stores to their eCommerce sites.

As a result, many mainstream niches are now saturated with big brands and it’s hard for new entrants to compete with the established sites.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t become a part of the eCommerce revolution.

With Visto’s eCommerce search filters, you can find Facebook ads that different eCommerce stores are running around the world.

What’s the benefit?

You’ll be amazed to see the niches in which people are running wildly successful eCommerce sites without anyone noticing. You’ll find tons of untapped niches with very low competition and almost zero presence of well-known retail brands.

Plus, you can search for online stores built with specific platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, WordPress, etc.

Using these features you can find specific trending and hot selling products in different regions and plan your eCommerce strategy accordingly.

Are You Ready To Use The Power Of Visto?

Visto is not just ads spy tool. It’s a complete market intelligence platform with different features that enable you to analyze your competitors, identify the reasons they’re performing well, learn from their mistakes, and create a comprehensive marketing strategy for your business

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