How To Build A High-Performing ClickBank Product Funnel Using Visto

ClickBank is one of the top affiliate marketing platforms where you can find digital products in all the popular niches.

But not everyone makes money by promoting ClickBank products.

In fact, the majority of Clickbank affiliate marketers hardly generate any referrals to their offers.

However, the small percentage of marketers who do find success with ClickBank, make a lot of money from it (most of it on autopilot).

Using Visto, you can get a behind the scene view of their marketing campaigns and use it to build an optimized marketing funnel for your affiliate marketing strategy.

Sounds interesting?

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What Is A ClickBank Product Funnel?

When you sign up as a ClickBank affiliate and go to its product marketplace, this is what you see.

These are the different product categories from where you can choose relevant products that you can promote to your target audience.

This is where most affiliate marketers get it wrong.

They choose a product from the ClickBank marketplace, grab their affiliate link, and directly start promoting it.

You’d still get paid if your referrals buy something through your link but you won’t build a business with this approach.

The Right Way To Promote ClickBank Affiliate Products

The long term approach which will allow you to drive repeat sales from your customers is to build a product funnel for your ClickBank promotions.

This is the approach that most of the 6 to 7-figure ClickBank affiliate follow

It’s really simple.

Create a landing page with a lead magnet and an opt-in box where people can enter their email address.

Then, instead of sending traffic directly to your affiliate link, send it to that landing page so that you can turn visitors into email subscribers.

Now you can send them email marketing campaigns with the benefits of your ClickBank product and your referral link using which they can buy the product.

This gives you an opportunity to reach out multiple times to your subscribers without running more Facebook Ads or marketing campaigns.

Using ClickBank With Visto: 4 Steps To Creating A Winning ClickBank Affiliate Marketing Strategy

The right ClickBank products sell like hotcakes if you create the right Facebook Ads and build a proper marketing funnel.

Thankfully, you can use Visto to see exactly what products your competitors are promoting successfully and the funnel they’ve used to drive sales.

Then simply learn from their approach, make improvements, and run your own campaigns.

Let me show you how.

Step #1: Find Best Performing ClickBank Products

The first step is to find the best performing ClickBank products that the top marketers are promoting and making money from.

Head over to the ClickBank Marketplace and choose the relevant product category. I’ve gone for E-Business And E-Marketing since that’s the most popular category on ClickBank.

On the next page, you’ll see the list of products in this category that you can promote. Sort the results by Gravity score which indicates the number of affiliates who’ve successfully earned a commission by promoting a product. The higher the gravity score, the better.

The list now shows the best performing products in terms of sales and gravity.

Let’s choose Sqribble from this list, a leading product that offers recurring commissions.

Do we start promoting this product right away?

We’re looking to build a product funnel in which we can add people and make repeat sales. Someone who purchases Scribble through your link will definitely purchase other closely related products in the future.

Let me show you what we’ll do next.

Step #2: Analyze Facebook Ad Campaigns Of ClickBank Products

Now that you’ve chosen a product from ClickBank, head over to Visto, and search for the same product.

Our goal is to find the Facebook Ads that other affiliate marketers are running to promote Sqribble. Plus, we want to see if they’re simply routing visitors to the product page or building a product funnel.

To find ClickBank product ads, enter the product name (Sqribble) in Visto’s search bar, in the date range choose “last year” so that you can see ads from the whole year, and also apply the affiliate filter in which you need to mark the Clickbank checkbox.

In just a few seconds, Visto will show you all the Facebook Ads promoting this product.


Sort these results by “most reacted” so that the ads with the most likes and comments are at the top of the list.

Now, the first two ads are by the product owners themselves so we’ll skip them.

The third one is by an affiliate and it has around 50 Likes as well.

Let’s dissect it further.

Before moving on, you can also search for Facebook Ads of ClickBank products on any particular topic even if you don’t have the exact product name.

Simply enter a popular niche keyword, for example, Bitcoin or lose weight, in the search bar, and choose the ClickBank product filter that I showed you in the screenshot above.

Step #3: Shortlist The Best Ad Campaigns And Dig Deeper With Visto

Okay back to the affiliate ad we were interested in.

When you click on the ad, Visto takes you to the ad’s detailed info page where you can learn more about it.

Here’s how it looks.

On this page, you can find the link to the ad’s original Facebook post and the Facebook page that’s running it.

The small icon that you see next to the Facebook Page URL is really useful. If you click on it, Visto will show you all the other Facebook ads by this page.

In this case, there’s only one ad that we’re already dissecting.

You can also see the screenshot of the landing page where this ad is routing its audience. You can also visit the landing page using the URL given on this page.

Let’s take a close look at it.

Step #4: Track The Complete Product Funnel Of Your Competitors

This is the landing page of this Facebook Ad.

Remember what I told you about building a product funnel?

This is exactly what this affiliate is doing.

Instead of sending the audience directly to the product’s sales page, it’s first routing it to a landing page with a lead magnet so that they can become email subscribers.

When you sign up, here’s what the Thank you page says.

As you can see, the thank you page has a link to the lead magnet and also a link to the product’s landing page.

This is absolutely perfect.

Even if a visitor doesn’t immediately click on the affiliate link and buy the product, the affiliate can now keep following up via email.

Plus, since most subscribers will at least download and read the lead magnet, this will increase the marketers’ credibility in their eyes and work as a silent sales pitch for their future product offers (like this).

Following up via email wouldn’t be possible had the marketer directly sent the Facebook Ad traffic to the product’s landing page (below)

But since the subscriber is now a part of the sales funnel of this affiliate marketer, he will probably make multiple purchases from him in the future.

Are You Ready To Promote ClickBank Affiliate Products?

Thanks to Visto, you can learn exactly how the top marketers are promoting different ClickBank products.

You can analyze their ad content, ad type, their messaging, CTAs, landing page structure, and also the complete funnel they’re using to drive repeat sales.

All you need to do now is to identify any loopholes in their process, learn from their success (and mistakes), and create a marketing funnel for promoting the same ClickBank products even more successfully.

Much better than playing guesswork, right?

Stop Guessing!

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